How am i supposed to get the bandage on Chapter 2 level 18? It looks like it's inaccessible. I currently have Commander Video, Gish, and Meat Boy.

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    This is out now?? Must get! – GnomeSlice Oct 27 '10 at 21:34

I haven't done this myself, can't get the timing down correctly (I'm absolutely terrible at the game), but found a few forum posts with the specifics of the answers:




The gist is: wait on the platform next to bandage girl after getting the key, the lasers flash off for a second, and in that time you can jump inside the box (one block is different than the others). There is apparently a secret path out of there once you've gotten the bandage.

UPDATE: I did go home and run through this level, and the above descriptions should get you the bandage indeed.

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