I've found some power armor, but I can't use it yet without training. I assumed that the Brotherhood of Steel would train me, if they like me enough.

I've completed the Brotherhood of Steel quest series for the overseer (the original one, I did not overthrow him), but I did not get any Power Armor training. What do I have to do to be able to wear Power Armor?

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Power Armor Training in FO:NV is available at the end of a few different quest chains in order to provide access for a variety of paths.

From the Brotherhood: After completing Eyesight to the Blind or Still in the Dark, wait 24 hours for the lockdown to end, and the Elder will offer you PA:Training, whether McNamara, or Hardin. (Hardin may ask you to go blow up the Silver Rush before offering training.)

Alternately, you can complete Arcade Gannon's follower quest, For Auld Lang Syne - in addition to rewarding you with the unique Tesla Power Armor, you'll receive the necessary training to use it.

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    I did not went back 24 hours later, I just noticed the elder did not talk to me anymore. I'll have to check that out. Commented Oct 28, 2010 at 7:01
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    When I went back I got another quest from the Elder and after that finally my power armor. The waiting for the end of the lockdown is critical, I totally missed that and thought the quest line is over. Commented Oct 28, 2010 at 21:57

After the lockdown is complete the elder will give you a quest called "Eyesight in the Dark". Complete this mission and earn your place amongst the Brotherhood of Steel. Oh, and for the record, you dont have to side with Hardin. I ignored Hardin for the most part. I told him i'd see what i could do but then never interviewed the other Paladins until after the mission for the components was finished and then i only interviewed one of them. I waited like 6 days before the lockdown was over and nothing. Then I zoned out to LT 1 and then zoned back in and voilà. Hope this helps.


The only other option that allows the player to get the power armor perk exists on the pc by adding it via the console command:

player.addperk 58fdf


SetPCCanUsePowerArmor 1


Note you'll have to restart your game after using the console if you wish to earn achievements.

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