Is there a way to configure Skyrim to be like Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, where it makes monster difficulty more realistic?

That Oblivion mod did so mainly by removing monster level scaling with player level. Monsters were given a static difficulty based on their type and some other factors. For example, all wolves were easier than all trolls. I enjoyed the challenge of being aware of the type of enemies I was facing and needing to test whether they were too strong. In the built-in system, it's generally possible to kill almost anything starting at early levels, and there is no sense of excitement at being able to go somewhere that had previously been restricted.

  • OOO didn't quite completely remove scaling, it just tweaked the min/max level values on a bunch of things, and allowed higher level monsters to spawn despite the player being at low levels. It was an awesome mod, I still remember the first time I ran into a frost titan just outside of Bruma as a level 2 character. Fortunately the guards (and half the town) did just enough damage to weaken it before they all died so I could kill it.
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  • Skyrim has tiered monsters (and dungeons) - they'll scale to a certain extent, but have a minimum and maximum level. The first time I walked into the Guldun Rock giants' camp, I learned to stay the hell away from giants, until much later.
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    I've reworded the question to not ask specifically for a mod recommendation, and to ask for any solution instead. Voting to reopen as per the meta posts: …looking for mods for specific purposes "Give us the actual problem… and we'll solve that, and if the solution involves a mod, so be it", and Closed 'mod recommendation' Skyrim question "This is not a shopping recommendation (a request for subjective… advice). The problem can be clearly stated and objectively evaluated in most cases." Commented May 21, 2016 at 3:58

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Skyrim Scaling Stopper and Real Unleveled Skyrim both do away with scaling of actors (monsters, people etc) but in different ways.

SSS makes almost everything about the same level, with some very weak (especially near Whiterun) and very rare highly powerful spawns. The numbers of like this - 20% of spawns are level 1-14, 77% are level 15-20, 3% are level 21-50. So if you're level 1 you're going to get your arse handed to you most of the time; if you're level 50 you're going to breeze past most enemies.

RUS makes levelled spawns a lot more evenly spread out - some specific areas are fine at low levels; others shouldn't even be approached until much later in the game.

As for items, I think both those mods affect loot/enemy gear too. SSS spawns good stuff very rarely, and randomly; RUS has the best stuff in the most difficult places.

Morrowloot* is something that removes the scaling of items only, and well worth using (load it after one of the above mods). It makes items pretty much static & logical, so you'll only find dwemer items in dwemer ruins; orcish armour is only ever use by orcs; and so on.

Source: Reddit /r/skyrimmods comment by user Iogic in the post, "Are there any MODS that remove or reduce scaling?"
* There is a modified version of Morrowloot here: Morrowloot - N'wah Edition.

  • Are these mods balanced? I really enjoy Enderal and would love to play Skyrim with a difficulty similar to Skyrim
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The overhaul mod Requiem as well as the Skyrim Redone module 'Encounter zones' do the exact thing you are looking for.

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