I spotted this in a recent Halo 4 video: enter image description here

The player has just got their ordnance drop, which consists of a Rocket Launcher, a Railgun, and an overshield. There's also the "two arrow" icon at the top - what is this? Is this a new ability that gets unlocked at rank 50, when you reach a specialization, or just a "random" button that chooses one of the 3 for you?


This is a side effect of the "Requisition" armor mod, which allows you to re-roll your selections from an ordnance drop. It is part of the Tracker specialization.


Yeah, you have to complete the Tracker specialisattion to Lvl TRACKER-10 and then equip it. You get a whole new choice of another three ordnance drops, however you cannot reverse the choice (eg go back to the original 3)

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