I just got my first gifted (a sniper); it seems Mind Fray doesn't benefit from squad sight. (Which does make sense.)
But I was wondering, at what range can psionic abilities be used?

Other reading suggests there aren't any bonuses or penalties for range/cover/defense.
Do psi-abilities have the same range as normal attack abilities?
Do all psi-abilities have the same range?

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The 3 aggressive psi-abilities, like normal attacks, can be targeted at any enemy that the psi-user can see. This means that they must be within the same range as for normal attacks (27 internal units, or 17-18 grid cells) and they must have line of sight.

Unlike normal attacks, psi-abilities are not affected by cover or defense. Instead, their chance of failure is related to the Will values of the attacker and the defender.

The 2 defensive psi-abilities have no range, they're simply centered on the psi-soldier. So bear this in mind when positioning soldiers to use those abilities.

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    Sight radius and normal weapon range are 27 internal units, or 17-18 grid cells. Related discussion.
    – Orc JMR
    Jan 5, 2013 at 14:29

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