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Where is my Minecraft folder on Windows?

I don't have a minecraft folder. I've looked through forums and videos, followed all the steps. I just don't have one. I have windows 7, and I have "view hidden files" turned on. I have look in the ...
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Is there a faster and more reliable way to install a mod? [duplicate]

I'm trying to install the Pet Bat mod for my kid. After installing the mod twice, I still can't get it to work. Is there a way to auto-install a mod from a zip file? Once I've installed an existing ...
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Mods show up in menu but do not work in gameplay

I've downloaded the .jar of multiple mods. Using Forge, I did the following: 'Get info' > I change the end of the file to .zip from .jar > open zip > place folder in Application support/minecraft/...
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Is there a Pixelmon Linux Tutorial?

I want to install a Pixelmon server on a Linux. I have the following files: forge-1.8.9- minecraft_server.1.10.2.jar Pixelmon-1.8.9-4.2.7-universal.jar I am unable ...
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Mods for Minecraft [duplicate]

I'm trying to help my young son to download/install Mods for Minecraft - but it seems like an impossible task. I know nothing about Minecraft, but have tried to download many Mods from different sites ...
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Minecraft Forge for java edition [duplicate]

So, I wanted to mod my minecraft and I found out you had to use forge to do so. After downloading forge for 1.15.2, and WITHOUT looking anything up I figured you had to set it up and open it with the ...
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What do i use to run Minecraft Forge Files? [duplicate]

Ok, so I want to run a forge file for Minecraft. I double clicked it thinking it would open and all I would have to do is install the client. But it said What do you want to use to open this file. So ...
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Using Zip files in Forge [duplicate]

Hey I need to know which files to extract if any to put a mod with a zip file into my minecraft game. I need to know if i extract the folders that are in the zip file or anything else? Thanks.
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How do i find my mods folder on MacOS? [duplicate]

I recently tried downloading a mod, and found out my mods folder had disappeared. I wanted to try making a new folder but i realized that wouldn't do anything. I have been searching on the Internet to ...
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How Do I Find my /Mods folder in minecraft [duplicate]

SO, I've been reading all these guides for Forge that tell me to put the mods in my .minecraft/mods folder. But my .minecraft folder dosen't have a /mods folder. what do I do about that?
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How do I install Minecraft Forge for Windows 8.1? [duplicate]

I just bought a new gaming laptop, the ASUS Republic of Gamers series, built to be all beefy for my gaming needs. I am trying to add mods for Minecraft but when I try to download Minecraft Forge, ...
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How do I get Mod Loader for Minecraft? [duplicate]

I have tried to find a download for mod loader but no one seems to have it. I've had no luck finding a download or following video tutorials to help. I want to get the Explosives+ mod so would be ...
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How do I install the .jar mod called Forge for Minecraft 1.7.10? [duplicate]

After some errors with using the actual windows installer,I have gone to using the regular one.However,I'm not sure how exactly to install it.The name is: forge-1.7.10- .So,...
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How to get Minecraft mods? [duplicate]

I have no clue on how to get the mods for Minecraft. I have looked up on how to do it before but I just don't understand it as it's so complicated and hard to understand. Could someone please help ...
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How to install and use a minecraft mod? [duplicate]

How do I install and use a minecraft mod on ubuntu 18.04.1? On the internet I have found many descriptions on how to do it (e.g. here and here) but either these instructions are out of date or do not ...
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