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How can I make a Random Number Generator with vanilla redstone? [duplicate]

I'm working on a game for my Minecraft server that includes the element of chance. The idea is that there are 6 buttons. One of them (randomly determined by redstone circuitry) results in wealth, ...
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How can I randomly power one of several wires in Minecraft? [duplicate]

Given 5 wires (possibly more), I want to press a Reset button, and have exactly one of those wires, randomly selected, become active - and remain that way (until the next button press). What is a ...
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How to simulate polyhedral dice in Minecraft? [duplicate]

A dispenser can simulate dice of up to nine sides by random choice, and there are redstone circuits for simulating six-sided dice. But how do you simulate, say, ten-sided, twelve-sided or twenty-sided ...
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How to stop a minecart at a random moment? [duplicate]

I'm working on a roulette table on a server that I'm playing on, inspired by MagmaMusen's video on YouTube: It uses a minecart with an armor stand inside it. The minecart is not visible, but the ...
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How can I generate an output from one in 6 possibilities with vanilla redstone? [duplicate]

I'm trying to be able to hit a button, and 5 out of 6 times have nothing happen, but on the 1 out of 6 time, I want it to give a pulse output. This is to make a Russian roulette game, I'd like the ...
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What is the best way to connect islands together in Minecraft?

I have several islands in Minecraft, and I would like a simple way to walk from one island to another, that is, connect them together in some way. I still don't want to prevent traveling by boat by ...
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What sources of randomness can be made with commands in Minecraft?

I want to make a mini game in Minecraft were I need a random command generator for 9 commands. I need a random command to give the player a random item. I can't do the command block in the dispenser ...
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Do Melons prefer to grow in certain directions?

I'd like to do some fancy-schmancy redstone shenanigans exploiting the fact that melon blocks growing into a square can hold a charge (and thus complete a circuit). Is the direction they spawn the ...
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How to build a two bit binary to decimal decoder using Redstone?

This is the logic circuit i want to create in Minecraft Can anyone make one for me because the one I am making is having lots of problems and is too messy. Redstone signals get jammed and they stay ...
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Minecraft piston pushing against each other

When two pistons face each other and powered simultaneously, which will push? I am making a contraption that requires that this behavior be consistent, what it depends on is irrelevant as long as it ...
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Having a 50-50 chance apply to commands [duplicate]

I'm creating a game and I need a fill command to have a 50-50 chance of opening one of two gates (Ex. This will be activated when a button is pressed to start game). The obvious choice would to use ...
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In minecraft, how do I construct a 4-bit comparator?

4-bit comparators are a basic building block in electronics, and useful in many redstone devices, in particular computers. I'm interested in a good overview of the construction this type of device. It ...
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Is there a way to give an enchanted book with a random enchatment level? [duplicate]

So the backstory about this is that we are trying to give a reward out with of an enchanted book with a random level. Aka Protection I-V randomly. I know the command /give @p enchanted_book 1 0 {...
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Randomly select one of 3 hubs with command blocks [duplicate]

This question is similar to How can I randomly power one of several wires in Minecraft?, but uses command blocks and only 3 outputs. I'm making a Minecraft server and it has three different hubs that ...
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How do you activate different redstone currents each time? [duplicate]

For a map I'm making, there's a "Palm Reader", represented by a villager. When you throw a diamond into a nearby hopper, it gives you a fortune. Is there a way to activate different /say command ...
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