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How can I load my village back if I am not connected to google? [duplicate]

I was playing on my phone but my phone suddenly got reformatted. I cannot load my village as outlined in the answer to this related question because I was not connected to Google while playing, I was ...
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How do u recover your iPad clash of clans account without the old device [duplicate]

How do you recover iPad account without old device
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Lost COC base .... Need help [duplicate]

So here's the problem - I have 3 COC accounts on 3 devices (iPhone 4 and 2 iPads). All use different Apple IDs. My main base is on the iPhone and it always said welcome back 'username' - which I ...
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probem in recovering clash of clans in laptop [duplicate]

I played clash of clans in my laptop using blue stacks. After some weeks blue stacks is unable to open it shows some error. Now I cannot play the game. I already connected the game to my Google+ ...
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I want to recover and play again my lost village [duplicate]

I lost my village after the maintenance update. I want to play my previous village, this time, I am playing a new created village that replaced my previous one. Please help me back on my previous ...
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Clash of Clan App accidentally deleted [duplicate]

I accidentally deleted my Clash of Clans App. I went to Playstore to get a new App so that I could get access to my village and clan . Hoewever, now I cannot get access with the new icon. It says: "...
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village overwritten [duplicate]

I have lost my village due to overwritten another village on google play account but I have linked that account with facebook. So can i regain that village using facbook linkup in either iphone or ...
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Need help on loading up a clash of clans progress [duplicate]

Ok I started up a clash of clans on my iPad and have it pretty far. Then I got my new phone and I was signed into Game Center but since I wasn't signed in on Game Center on my iPad i can't figure out ...
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Recovering my Clash of clans and save to other device [duplicate]

I want to recover my clash of clans that connected to facebook. And i will save it to google play store. But I dont know how.
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I lost my game how could I return my account [duplicate]

townhall 8 level 8 base Max diffence troops I did not have any clan my base name is pran etc
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Lost village of clash of clans [duplicate]

I've used different gmail for supercell than main gmail connected to my CoC village, but unfortunately I forgot my gmail used for supercell. How can I recover my CoC account?
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How do I delete my clash of clans village off of my android device?

How do I delete my Clash of Clans village off of my device and delete it from my Google+ account? I do not have access to the original phone that I downloaded it on. I have also disconnected Clash of ...
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I have the same village in two different devices and accounts, how can I separate it?

The village that loads in my device (ios) loads in another device too, but now that we tried using two different accounts, the same old village still loads. Whenever the game is started in any of the ...
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What build orders work for the Training Day Achievment?

What are the various build order's I can give that will allow me to complete this achievement? Train 10 Marines during the first 320 seconds of a single Melee game
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What does "using the same Google Play for more than one account" mean?

From Supercell's Clash of Clans support site: Save your progress with Google Play! Make sure to save in-game progress with Google Play! Please note that Google Play only supports one game per account!...
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