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Lost village of clash of clans [duplicate]

I've used different gmail for supercell than main gmail connected to my CoC village, but unfortunately I forgot my gmail used for supercell. How can I recover my CoC account?
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Gmail Id, phone number and clash of clans account lost [duplicate]

I played this account about two years back. I want to continue this account now, but I have lost my Gmail Id, my old phone, and the phone number I made the Gmail with. I managed to get a screenshot of ...
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I lost my game how could I return my account [duplicate]

townhall 8 level 8 base Max diffence troops I did not have any clan my base name is pran etc
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Clash of Clan App accidentally deleted [duplicate]

I accidentally deleted my Clash of Clans App. I went to Playstore to get a new App so that I could get access to my village and clan . Hoewever, now I cannot get access with the new icon. It says: "...
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How to get my old coc account back using play games [duplicate]

I've been playing coc for a long time and i connected it to play games. One day i accedentaly uninstalled it, so how do i get it back using play games. Please help me
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Lost COC base .... Need help [duplicate]

So here's the problem - I have 3 COC accounts on 3 devices (iPhone 4 and 2 iPads). All use different Apple IDs. My main base is on the iPhone and it always said welcome back 'username' - which I ...
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How to recover clash of clans account that was not on Google+ [duplicate]

I didnt connect on google+ and then my phone was wiped so how do I recover my old base?
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How do I link my old clash of clans village to my new account [duplicate]

My clash of clans account is linked to my dads Game Center acount and I want to link it to my account. How?
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Recover lost village without Google+ [duplicate]

I got the code of my lost COC village, but I wasn't able to recover it because my Google Play services is outdated and I don't have enough internal memory to upgrade Google Play. How do I recover a ...
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village overwritten [duplicate]

I have lost my village due to overwritten another village on google play account but I have linked that account with facebook. So can i regain that village using facbook linkup in either iphone or ...
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What does "using the same Google Play for more than one account" mean?

From Supercell's Clash of Clans support site: Save your progress with Google Play! Make sure to save in-game progress with Google Play! Please note that Google Play only supports one game per account!...
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Loading Old Clash of Clans Account [duplicate]

I recently got a new Iphone, im trying to load the old village I have on my old Iphone, but I have no idea which game center account is linked to my old village. I've tried to sign in to my accounts, ...
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I want to recover and play again my lost village [duplicate]

I lost my village after the maintenance update. I want to play my previous village, this time, I am playing a new created village that replaced my previous one. Please help me back on my previous ...
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How do u recover your iPad clash of clans account without the old device [duplicate]

How do you recover iPad account without old device
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Recovering my Clash of clans and save to other device [duplicate]

I want to recover my clash of clans that connected to facebook. And i will save it to google play store. But I dont know how.
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