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How can I use Steam without connecting to Steam's servers?

I'm not trying to hack anything here. To clarify my question, I'll give you the situation. I'm an engineer who is also an avid gamer. Where I work, we get downtime from time to time where we ...
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Reliability of Steam's off-line mode

What are the general experiences with it? I've only tried it once, on one game, and it did work, but I am used to hearing that it is very unreliable and very unlikely to work in most cases. Obviously,...
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Do I have to use Steam for games I bought on disc?

I have purchased and finished playing Portal and Portal 2 (on disc for PC) both of which used Steam. This was my first exposure to Steam. Now I have just installed Skyrim (again I bought the ...
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How do I stop Steam changing my update setting to automatic?

For each Steam game, you can change your update settings (right click game > properties) to one of three options: automatically update (default), automatically update (high priority), and only update ...
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How to keep Steam in Offline Mode?

I use Steam on Ubuntu almost exclusively without internet. I've taken the following steps to enable offline mode: Per this answer, created a file ~/.steam/steam.cfg with the following contents: ...
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Remove 'Steam is currently set to be in Offline Mode' dialog

Is there a way to remove or automatically skip the following dialog, which I get because I have steam set to start in offline mode: Steam is currently set to be in Offline Mode. Many features, such ...
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Start Steam in Offline Mode Without an Internet Connection [duplicate]

I need to start Steam in offline mode without first logging in and without having an Internet connection. I know there are already questions like this, but there are no decent answers that I can ...
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How to play Terraria without Steam?

I'm trying to play Terraria without initializing Steam but it is not working it displays Please launch the game from your Steam client Is there a possible way to do it?.
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Do I need to launch steam everytime to play Football Manager 2012 on OS X?

Now that we need steam to validate Football Manager 2012, do we need to launch steam everytime we want to play Football Manager 2012? I am using OS X Snow Leopard. Thanks.
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Transferring games [duplicate]

I have built a PC back a couple of years ago which requires a wired Ethernet cable (didn’t come with a wireless NIC). I have purchased a game through Steam when I was with my dad in Florida and I have ...
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Steam won't start in Offline Mode [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there any way to start Steam in offline mode without logging in first? Yesterday I was at an airport and had no wifi, I wanted to play one of my steam games. Unfortunately, ...
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How can I stop Steam checking for updates for an offline machine?

I copied my Steam folder from my laptop to my PC in my attempts to try and get some of my games to work offline. I followed this answer in regards to editing the loginusers.vdf file but when I went to ...
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Is there any way to start Steam in offline mode with code after the new steam client? [duplicate]

I am working on a project that logs you automatically in Steam. I want to add another login method that logs you in with offline mode. Before the new Steam client, I was editing the loginusers.vdf ...
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Starting Steam in Offline Mode doesn't work [duplicate]

I'm currently at a university with a firewall that blocks certain connections, and Steam appears to be in that list. When Steam starts, it gives a connection error, along with the option to start in ...
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