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Why do I need Luck and Endurance? [duplicate]

I currently don't have rooms that would need those two skills (I have just opened Classroom), so why do I need dwellers with those skills?
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What is endurance used for? [duplicate]

What is endurance used for in Fallout Shelter? The storage room says it uses Endurance, but what does that mean? It doesn't produce anything so what is the advantage or putting a dweller in there?
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Why do my maxed out dwellers get radiation damage in the wasteland? [duplicate]

I have a couple of dwellers with maxed out stats by now. When they go out to level up, they will not take red radiation damage for several days. The maximum I have so far managed was around five days ...
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Does Luck improve the success rate of a Radio Station? [duplicate]

I know that the size of your radio room improves the chance of attracting a new dweller, and Charisma shortens the interval between checks, but does Luck have an effect? Since it helps with caps and ...
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Does perception affect damage done to deathclaws? [duplicate]

The advice I've seen with regards to deathclaw defense is that endurance and weapon damage are the items that matter. I have never seen anyone explicitly say that perception does not affect damage ...
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Fallout Shelter: Benefits of having Specials over 10, in the wasteland [duplicate]

This question is specific to dwellers who are out exploring the wasteland. Not in production rooms. I am aware that in the wasteland, dwellers who have Endurance over 10(by equipping an outfit which ...
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Luck factors in odds of getting dwellers? [duplicate]

For fallout shelter, Will a dweller with not only charisma but with high luck have a higher chance of attracting other dwellers? (Radio)
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What are the Secondary Stats for In-Vault Dwellers? [duplicate]

Question Everyone knows that each utility room has a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat that compliments it (Waterplant-perception, etc). What I want to know is are there secondary stats that are important? Below ...
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SPECIAL's effect during combat with DCs [duplicate]

I'm trying to increase my resistance to Death Claws. Right now the balance is at a point where the DCs don't quite kill any of my Dwellers, but are able to get them to probably 10% health. They make ...
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Room Layout Strategy?

Essentially I want people's thoughts on layout strategy. It struck me that room upgrade prices seemed cheaper (on a per dweller slot basis) when upgrading a combined 2 or 3 room room. Said ...
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What benefits does a higher level dweller get?

When a dweller levels up, what actually changes? My thought at first was that they gain increased HP, but after reading this answer I noticed that HP seems to be controlled by Endurance.
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Consistently worthless items

So I tried this experiment: I leveled an already legendary dweller to her max SPECIAL. Everything is 10. Took a while, and required solid training facilities and allot of checking in at specific times ...
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How can I see my dweller's maximum HP?

I like to send out only dwellers with the highest HP into the Wasteland for the longest runs. How can I see a dweller's actual HP?
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Do dwellers heal in the wasteland in Fallout Shelter?

When I send dwellers to the wasteland for long periods of time, they usually use their RadAways and Stimpaks. This time, I sent out a dweller with the maximum 25 RadAways and Stimpaks, with a Fatman ...
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Does endurance over 10 increase HP gain per level?

More endurance means more HP, but would it help even more to equip dwellers with +endurance gear?
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