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Order of command block execution if triggered at the same time?

If I make some Command Blocks with commands (let's say say whatever), connect them with redstone dust (you can place redstone dust on Command Blocks by holding Shift), then produce a redstone signal ...
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Is there a way to set an "Adventure Mode Boundary" in Minecraft?

Is there a way to set an "Adventure Mode Boundary" in Minecraft? I am trying to create this village where players can spawn in, and then set out to explore the world and build and do normal minecraft ...
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How to make a worldborder that expands every in-game day at dawn?

I want to make a world with a world border that increases 2 blocks every in game day when the sun rises using command blocks. How would I accomplish this? I don't completely understand commands so ...
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Why remove redstone dust from my command block contraptions?

Whenever I show my command block contraptions to my friends, they always comment that I should remove the redstone dust from them. They say it causes lag and that redstone can be unpredictable, but I'...
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How can I summon a mob with an always-visible name tag?

My son would like to know how to summon a mob with an always-visible name tag. He's tried CustomNameVisible:1 but it doesn't work. It summons the mob, but the name tag is only visible when you ...
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How To Make Bow / Snowball that shoots Custom Named Arrows / Snowballs

I decided to make a Snowball that summons lightning bolts along. Well I already did one half - With the @e[type=Snowball] (or Arrow, depending if I use a bow). But with @e I will target all the ...
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Random spawn for multiplayer Minecraft server

I want to know if there's a way I can set it so that on first join, a player gets teleported to a random location on the map automatically. Then if the player dies without having a home set, they are ...
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How to Teleport Players When They Enter a Certain Area/Coordinates

I am trying to teleport a player to certain coordinates once they enter an area. The idea is that they walk into a really small building, but once they turn a corner, they get teleported into a ...
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How would I go about making a custom minecraft item that triggers events when it's used?

In specific, I'm looking to code a sword that, when used to block, advances the time of day by 4800. Hopefully this can be accomplished with command blocks only, as I'd rather stick to vanilla ...
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How to testfor time with command block? [duplicate]

How to /testfor time with command block in 1.8? Screenshots would be nice, if possible.
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How to test for people standing on a specific block?

I'm trying to set up a trap for my friend on my server, I want to use command blocks, not tripwire. I know the /testfor command, but it always says that it found me and doesn't give another output.
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Vanilla Minecraft - Detect various /trigger outputs

On multiplayer in Minecraft, I am trying to detect when a player changes their score using /trigger. Here's an example scenario: I create a new objective called "test." Then, I use /scoreboard ...
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How can I detect a player's score against other players?

I'm creating a PvP map in Minecraft and I'd like to track how many times a player has hit other players on a scoreboard. I'm not tracking kills; I'm tracking hits. How can I do this? I'm not tracking ...
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I need help with a specific minecraft testfor command

Im trying to use commands blocks, scoreboards, and redstone to give all my moderators effects when they run out. I already have the system to reapply the effects if you are in the team working but now ...
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Testing for structures near players

I want to have a redstone timer that has a signal into a command block, with /execute @a ~ ~ ~ testforblocks <Coordinate 1> <Coordinate 2> <Relative Position> and then a compartor, ...
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