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Can you share items between workshops? [duplicate]

I swear I read an ingame hint that said Workshops would share my stuff between them, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I have a settlement at Sanctuary and Red Rocket Truck Stop, but I can't ...
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How can I break items down into their components

In my Junk inventory I can see the components that make up an item. For example, an Adjustable Wrench yields Steel and a Gear. There are also weapons and armor I don't need, as well as debris lying ...
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How can I get junk in my trunk?

With the new crafting system, I've got a massive pile of junk in a wooden crate in my base. When I finish crafting things, I want to put all the junk away since I have no reason to carry it. Is there ...
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How do I efficiently scrap junk?

I have hundreds of pieces of junk that would weigh less if they were scrapped. I know I can drop and scrap them while in Workshop mode, but the quantity of items makes this impractical. Is there an ...
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What is the best way to get concrete?

I'm building at Starlight Drive-in and there's no concrete to scrap there, as there is from the house at Sanctuary. Is there a vendor that sells concrete or another place where I can just pick it up?
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How to move settlers between settlements

In fallout 4 it'd make sense if you can move all your settlers to one 'main' base rather than having everyone spread out, as no one location has enough settlers to run all the stores etc. How do I ...
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Is junk accessible from all work benches or only in that area?

When on a run and finding any work bench or cooking station, if I store all junk there, will be available in the Sanctuary work bench? Or is each work bench inventory specific to that area?
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How do I move from settlement to settlement to another?

I want to move from red rocket to the castle, but I don't know how, I already have settlers at the castle, but I want to move all my stuff like my 6 sets of power armor and other things. How do I move?...
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Can items found in Fallout 4, that are stored in different locations, be accessed in your players inventory?

When playing Fallout 4 your character can pick up many items using "A" on the controller. These items are spread through out the "Commonwealth". As the items accumulate they add weight to the point ...
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What can I safely store in my workshop?

So junk will be used if you don't have the raw material. What about weapons and armor? Will these stay safe or will it scrap them once it runs out of junk? What about items that don't turn into ...
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Fallout 4 settlement storage [duplicate]

I was wondering if you were able to link your storage between settlements. For example, linking up Sanctuary with The Castle.
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