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Pokémon Go - Can I use my android account if I change to an Iphone [duplicate]

Was thinking about changing phone to an Iphone because my android is too slow for the game. Was wondering if i could still use my goodle account for android on my Iphone? Thanks
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My phone broke and I don't have any of my login details. Is there any way to recover my account? [duplicate]

The website doesn't appear to provide for this eventuality.
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Transfer game to another phone [duplicate]

My daughter didn't have a phone that allowed the Pokemon go App so we downloaded it on to my S6. She now has a phone that allows the app. Could you please tell me how I transfer her game from my S6 to ...
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Can I use the same account on a different phone? [duplicate]

I am playing Pokemon Go; However, I am going to stop using the phone that I use for the app and buy a new one. If I start playing Pokemon Go with a new phone using the same account, will the data and/...
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How to transfer old pokemon account to new phone [duplicate]

I started playing pokemon on my old S5 but now have a shiny new S7, however I don't seem able to transfer the pokemon I have caught to the new phone. I can transfer the app but have to create a new ...
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Can I change which phone I play with? [duplicate]

I have just moved phones to an HTC one X from a Desire 510. Pokémon GO works fine on it but it has given me a new level 1 account. How can I get back into my old one? When I sign in with google, it ...
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My android froze and was replaced. unable to access my pokemon account [duplicate]

Because my phone froze I was unable to log out of pokemon. My phone was replaced and now I only have the option to start a new account. My understanding from what I read I had to be logged out of ...
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How to transfer Pokemon Go (using an Apple account) from iPhone to an Android phone?

My best friend has an old iPhone 5 she use to play pokemon on. For Christmas I bought her an android so she can play again but we don't know how to move her account over. Other words old iPhone to new ...
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Pokemon go account

If I delete and reinstall Pokemon will it still have my progress if I sign back into my google account. Because at the moment I cannot make in app purchases thank you.
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