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I do not know my Minecraft password [duplicate]

I made my Minecraft account about a year ago and I used my dads e-mail. He changed his e-mail and I can't remember my Minecraft password. How can I retrieve my Minecraft password?
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I forgot my old email for my minecraft account [duplicate]

I had forgotten my old email and have tried every possible thing I could think of but I still can't get through my old account. I don't have a Mojang acccount and still had my old minecraft premium ...
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How can I regain access to my Minecraft account? [duplicate]

so i changed my name a little while a ago. About a week; and i just want to play minecraft so i open up the launcher log out then back in for my account to update but it says the username or password ...
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How do I recover my Minecraft account? [duplicate]

From 2013-2015, I had an old Minecraft account that I migrated on a computer I don't have anymore using an email that I don't remember. I sort of forgot about it until pretty recently, where I now ...
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How do I login to my Mojang account on my minecraft app? [duplicate]

I created a new Mojang account because I forgot my password on my old one, so on minecraft I can't join servers because it keeps saying enter password for my old account. How do I fix this?
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How do I use minecraft when using a new account? [duplicate]

I forgot my password and lost access to my email, so I made a new minecraft account. Now all I can play is the demo, how do I play the full game without paying for it again?
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My Minecraft account has been messed with [duplicate]

I opened the Minecraft launcher today and was not able to log in, so I went to and was still not able to log in. I was able to change my password and email, and need to import my account ...
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Minecraft Loginh issues on both website and launcher [duplicate]

So im using a minecraft account that i have no access to the email whatsover however i know the email and password. I have logged in before and played minecraft normally. However, suddenly today I was ...
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Minecraft name changed + Lost access to account [duplicate]

I forgot what Microsoft account was attached to my Minecraft account please help! Lost access and it seems like it was maybe changed because my name changed to DontBhopPlz
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How to recover my old Minecraft account? [duplicate]

I want to recover my old Minecraft account. I used to play on that account in 2014-2015. All that I know is that the username is r41nco. Is there any chance to recover it?
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