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I am getting tired of manually managing my chicken farm, so I have invented this automated design: The step from eggs to chicken is easy, and it's even simple to make it happen in batches - every ...
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Minecraft save-all timer [duplicate]

I have recently found that my MC world does not auto-save (Don't answer on how to do that), so I have to /save-all every 5 minutes or so. However, I have created a timer hooked up to a /save-all ...
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How can I make a redstone button with an X second delay? [duplicate]

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How to create a delay in Minecraft without repeaters? [duplicate]

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How do i make a button with delayed reactivation time? [duplicate]

I have a button which i want it to activate something. But i don't want it to be constantly activated, as i want it to be with a 10 - 20 seconds delay before you can activate it again.
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How do I make a slow clock without taking up space? [duplicate]

I'm making a minigame where a player has to survive in essentially a world of hell. I am creating a "water bar", where players must drink to survive. It is a dummy scoreboard objective. I want to run ...
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Is there a way to make a redstone current wait a certain amount of time before transfering? [duplicate]

For a map I'm making, it says "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go!", then it's supposed to wait a certain time, maybe... 2 minutes before it says "3, 2 , 1, GAME OVER!" Is there a way to do this without repeaters? I ...
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How to make a redstone clock that I can turn on/off with a lever?

I want to create a Redstone clock that can be enabled and disabled with a lever permanently placed down.
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Farming with an AFK rail

I'm playing on an Economy mod server, and we have some really large farms that exceed the chunk size (namely, my farm is 400x200 blocks) and it's really easy to create a farm that needs what we on the ...
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How to make a block swapper fire twice?

How do I make my block swapper fire once (changing the block) then after a certain amount of timer change back to the original blocks. My block swapper can be seen here:
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