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Starcraft 2 Strategy Site [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Great ways to learn StarCraft II? Where is the best place online to learn Starcraft 2 multiplayer strategies? I found a website that you can pay to view, but I have no idea if ...
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What build order should I use for Zerg in StarCraft 2?

I'm familiar with the general mechanics of the game, but what's the best build order for the beginning of the game?
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What are the popular build orders for Protoss in StarCraft 2?

I've played a lot of Protoss in the original StarCraft, but I thought I might try to play it in StarCraft 2 also. What build orders are being used competitively?
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What are some effective methods of scouting in Starcraft 2?

One thing I've always struggled with in RTS games is scouting. What are some effective methods of scouting what your opponent is up to in Starcraft 2, especially in the early game? How do you ...
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What are the popular openings / builds for Terran in StarCraft 2?

I don't have too much interest in playing Terran, but I'd like this information mostly to better understand what I'm up against.
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What mistakes cost you games when you were Bronze/Silver [closed]

I realize this may sound silly, but in the poker game Holdem many of the top pros have said it is much harder to beat a bad player than a good one, because of the crazy random stuff a newbie will do. ...
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How do I search for profiles online without logging into the game?

I'm too poor to get this nice game but I would like to search players' profiles. How can one find players' profiles via a web search or some similar method?
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Initial Starcraft multiplayer training

I'm just starting out with the multiplayer in Starcraft 2. Is it better to play against the AI or suck it up and start playing actual humans to learn how to play? I've watched vids and replays and ...
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Where to find video of replays from '1st person of view'

A few days ago I watched Day9's team monobattles. That boosted my own apm and everything else - I began to do stuff quicker. Does anyone know where can I find other videos of replays that are ...
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SC2 advice for a poor multitasker [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to build and fight simultaneously in Starcraft 2 I'm multitasking-impaired. I do well in twitch-based and turn-based games, but the average chimp could humiliate me in the ...
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StarCraft II FAQs

Where can I find the best FAQs and strategy guides online for StarCraft II? Are there already walk-throughs for portions of the single-player game, perhaps as released in other countries, and ...
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Getting started with StarCraft II

I loved StarCraft I and I have played a portion of the Campaign in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. I suck bigtime in it, as it requires more than strategical thinking (macro's, reflexes, map knowledge ...
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Starcraft II - Are you stuck in a league once you are placed?

I am reluctant to leave the practice league over concerns that I will be 'stuck' in the league I place. Is this the case, or can you earn your way from say Bronze to Silver as you improve?
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Getting Better -- Playing other races

So, I figure that the next step in getting better as a player is to play as the other races to get to know their strengths/weaknesses/openers/etc. Do you recommend this practice? What do you think ...
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Starcraft 2 Macro Cycle

I've just started to learn the macro style. It's really disrupting my play style - any tips on learning how to use this style of play?
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