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After "Your home bed was missing or obstructed" in minecraft, I can't find my way back [duplicate]

In my creative world, I had slept in a bed to set my spawn point. Then I broke the bed. I then accidentally fell out of the world (into the void) and died. It said "Your home bed was missing or ...
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Is there a command where I can teleport myself to a specific kind of block? [duplicate]

I can't find my house and I have specific kind of blocks in it like beacons, enchantment tables, furnaces, stuff like that. I didn't put a bed and I never viewed the coordinates.
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I keep losing my stuff! [duplicate]

I'm playing Minecraft and I'm not sure how to save my items/stuff when I die. I always lose my house and I found out I have to commit suicide to go back to my home. But then I can't find my items. ...
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How can I find my home again? [duplicate]

I started my Minecraft server a little while ago. So I flew a good distance away from the place I started and began to build. Later I died down at the bedrock, and so spawned at my starting point ...
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How can I find my building in a superflat world? [duplicate]

I made a superflat world and typed /tp ~ ~ ~-10000 or something similar a few times to have a separate area to build a house on, but i accidentally died and lost my house. What can I do to find it? I ...
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How can I teleport back to my house or even get close to it [duplicate]

I was wondering off to find a wolf, and I got lost. I flew in the air to look for my BIG house and I can't find it. Now, I am totally confused and worried and I don't want to rebuild because it is ...
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How can I find my house in Minecraft? [duplicate]

I can't find my house. It keeps taking me to something else I have done, but I can't find my mansion (my house) that I am working on. I really need to finish it before my friend comes over this ...
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Lost Coordinates In Creative [duplicate]

I was making a server world, so I made a teleportation pad (/tp command). I chose a random coordinate far from the spawn so no one would see it. So I built the best house that I have ever built, with ...
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Fallen out of the world through the Void in Minecraft [duplicate]

I have fallen out of the void and I can't find the area where I built everything. I am on creative mode in a Super Flat World. Please tell me how I can find the place I built everything cause I cant ...
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How can I get coordinates of where I was at a specific point in time? [duplicate]

I built an amazing underground house but accidentally fell out of the world. How do I get my coordinates at a specific moment in time so I can get back to my house without scouring the entire world? ...
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I have reset my world spawn to a distant place. how can I get back to the original world spawn area? [duplicate]

I teleported far away from my house using /locate. I went to a stronghold and set my spawn there thinking I might die several times. After defeating the dragon, I realized that I couldn't find my ...
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How do I find my home in Minecraft after recovering corrupted saved world data? [duplicate]

Help please. Our computer crashed and the world where my son had built his house vanished. I followed instructions I found on for recovering corrupted saved world data - ...
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I lost my Minecraft house [duplicate]

So a while back I built a modern house on a mountain side. After I finished that house I decided to build another house in a different biome. I used creative mode to fly around and find a place to ...
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I Lost My Build [duplicate]

I set my spawnpoint accidentally far away from my creations in minecraft and am wondering if there's any way to find it and get back, some command? Or something that will do this? Also the world is ...
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I need to find my bed in Minecraft 1.8 [duplicate]

I was on my creative server and fell out of the world. I was in one of the little towns that are already spawned and I sort of built off of one of them, creating a larger "town". When I fell, I lost ...
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