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How can delete "games" from the Steam library? [duplicate]

Steam, among other annoying things, seems to add games to my library spontaneously. For example, it recently added the game "Contagion - 2 hours left" to my library which I have no interest in ...
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How do I completely remove a game demo from steam? [duplicate]

I have uninstalled the Torchlight II Demo from my steam library, But it still displays on the right-click menu of the steam system tray icon. How to remove it from the right-click menu? Edit 1, Add ...
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Is there a way to hide that you own a game in the Steam store?

I have game details set to private in my profile, but when others look at a game I own in the Steam store, they can still see if I own the game or have added it to my wishlist. Is there a way to turn ...
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(How) Is it possible to get the full version of a game if I can only buy its low violence version?

While I don't exactly loathe the censorship called "low violence version" for some games steam sells (e.g. Fallout 3) I do detest being forced to play games in a language different than the ...
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Will sending my friend a game as a gift remove it from my Library?

So I bought Terraria from steam, and I want to send a copy to my friend for his birthday as a gift. Will doing this delete Terraria from my computer or just buy a whole new version of it for him?
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How can I delete local content from a game not in my list in Steam?

I played the free weekend for Call of Duty Black Ops and I decided not to buy it. However, now I have a folder taking up 8 GB of my SSD space in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\call of ...
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Can I permanently remove a game from steam without uninstalling the game, and then buy the game again without having to install it?

I'm looking to buy Rainbow Six Siege Standard edition so I can upgrade from the depressing starter edition. In order to do this, I need to permanently remove Rainbow Six Siege from my account and then ...
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How do I organise my games in Steam? [duplicate]

In my steam library my games are all under the Games tab with seemingly no way to organise them. I can sort them by clicking the headers but that appears to be it. How can I organise my games?
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Will deleting a Steam game from my PC free up space?

If I uninstall or delete a Steam game on my computer, will it give me back the space/usage it took to download?
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Can I have one steam account with 5 games and second steam account with no games on the same PC?

I want to have an account from which I won't be recognised as another account. I already have several games on my new account which kinda gives me away.
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Replacing region-locked games with global on Steam

A few months back I bought the "Polish-only" version of Black Ops 2 and replaced the Polish language files with the English manually. Because I'm tired of doing this, I wondered if I would be able to ...
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How can I block a Steam game from ever being installed on my PC? [duplicate]

Sometimes my friends want us to play brawlhalla. I then think that's a good idea because sometimes it's fun. But every time I play it I'm reminded by just how insanely angry I get and just how much I ...
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