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Good hero for a beginner?

I am new to League of Legends and not used to games of this style. What would be a good choice of hero to learn in this case? On table RPG I usually like playing mages, but on LoL it seems hard and ...
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When do you start buying wards, and when do you stop?

I just recently started playing ranked, and a lot of people keep on telling me to buy wards. What's a good time to start buying wards, and at what point of the game do you stop buying wards?
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What are the roles of supports in team fights?

I know the support in lane are used as sustain for the ad carry, but what role do the offer in the later game in team fights?
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Where are the best places to put a ward and could visible wards be better over oracle elixers? [duplicate]

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Improving late game tactics

I've been playing LoL for about a month now, and I consider myself pretty decent. I'm level 20 with more wins than losses, and have been using mobafire's guides everytime I play. However late game ...
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How much should we spend on wards? [duplicate]

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What are the most strategic spots to ward on summoners rift? [duplicate]

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Where and when should I sweep early/mid to late game as a support and jungler?

I am a jungle main. Support is new for me and I do not know; where and when to effectively sweep with my red trinket. I use it as I would as jungler (mostly for a gank tp/mid/jungle or for ...
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New season 4 map image

Do someone know of a way to get a full image of the new (pre-)season 4 map? I'd really like to update my guide with new design and new tips for the new gameplay. The map has to be detailed enough, ...
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Ward placing on bottomlane [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Tips for warding in League of Legends? Should the purple-bottomelane rather ward the ramp into the enemy jungle or ward their own ramp into their jungle to protect bluebuff ...
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Warding of the map [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Tips for warding in League of Legends? The live stream has been bringing my attention to something: the importance of wards. However, your build is also very important. I was ...
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