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How to add an enchantment onto held item in Minecraft with command blocks [duplicate]

I want to have a button to enchant a piece of armor in my hand with Unbreaking V, if and only if: The tool is already enchanted with Unbreaking III The player has a minimum of 30 levels I tried ...
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How do you lower durability of an item? [duplicate]

I'm trying to make a jetpack with a battery using Vanilla Minecraft commands. The more you use it, the more the battery depletes. So far, I have the 'battery' part working and the jetpack itself, but ...
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How can I alter a player's helmet data? (Such as attributes) [duplicate]

Since you can't modify player nbt data with /data modify, I had to think of a workaround. I thought to use /data modify to copy a player's helmet into a chest, modify the item there, and replace it ...
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/data modify command not working [duplicate]

I have this command: /data modify entity @s Inventory[{Slot:-106b}] set from storage minecraft:datapack Before It's supposed to replace the offhand with the NBT in the storage minecraft:datapack ...
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How to enchant equipped armor using Commands? [duplicate]

Is it possible to enchant a player equipped armor using commands? I've tried this command but it is not working: /execute at @s[nbt={Inventory:[{Slot:103b}]}] run enchant @p[nbt={Inventory:[{Slot:103b,...
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How can I allow Riptide to be combined with Channeling and Loyalty?

Title contains the core of it. The way I imagine it to work is: When not in water/rain, instead of blocking you from throwing the trident, Riptide has no effect. Riptide, when actually used, negates ...
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Is there any way in Minecraft to detect who deposited a diamond into a chest using command blocks?

So far, I've been able to detect when a diamond is placed into a chest's inventory but how can I detect who placed that diamond? I'd prefer not to use the nearest player because someone else could ...
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How would I copy data from a chest to my inventory?

So, I could only find explanations on how to copy a player's inventory into a chest, but I'm wondering how I would copy the chest's contents to the player's inventory. Not necessary to read, just some ...
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Why does /execute store refuse to update an NBT number when provided with a scoreboard value?

Here are some commands for you to try in MCJE 1.16. Run the following commands in the chat: Set up a scoreboard objective. (or use an existing test objective if you hate piling them up, like me) /...
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How do I copy a player's coordinates into a Lodestone?

I'm trying to make a manhunt compass using lodestone NBT, avoiding /setworldspawn issues, but I'm having trouble copying the runner’s position array data to the compass' LodestonePos NBT tag, ...
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