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How can I keep monsters out of my nether regions?

In order to find myself some nice lapis lazuli and get away from my current base, I'm building a little tunnel in the Nether to allow me to get into the midst of some fresh chunks fairly quickly. I ...
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Is investing money at the bank just a scam?

The teller at the bank offers the opportunity to invest twenty dollars. Both times I've done so, he's narrated a complicated sequence of dubiously legal transactions before informing me, in an ...
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How can I tell teammates from spies?

I'm going through the painful trial and error process of determining whether or not a player on my team is a spy or not. So far what I thought was the most successful procedure was dealing some damage;...
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My character keeps jumping around in NetHack. Why?

I've spent quite a while on my NetHack game (for me), and I've managed to get up a few levels. However, my character has (annoyingly) started to randomly jump around to different parts of the level - ...
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Avoiding hunger in Nethack

A bit of a followup from How can I tell if a corpse is safe to eat?, what is the best manner of avoiding death by hunger? Previously, I had eaten corpses and whatnot whenever I could find them, and ...
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What is the meaning of the three kinds of penetration?

In a Tank Characteristics, it says "Average Penetration 45/49/22 (in mm)". The same applies to damage, where it uses this split into three formats. This is how much armor (in mm) it could penetrate, ...
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The Internet keeps me from dreaming

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf's Dream Suite, Luna keeps telling me that I can't dream because of an unstable internet connection. I am connected to the Internet on my 3DSXL and can use other networked ...
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Can Vegans eat Jewelry?

I am a Vegan. Would it break the conduct if I eat jewelry? The Vegan conduct states that I can eat: food rations, cram rations, K-rations, C-rations and lembas wafers melons, oranges, ...
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Will smoking too much kill me?

I've been mulling this over for a while now, and am unable to get all of the information I require to make an informed decision. My life hinges on my decision, and I'd appreciate some input. The ...
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After I beat the Kayran, what can I do with its corpse?

After a long struggle, I managed to beat the Kayran. Great! Now I have a neat Kayran Trophy, a Kayran Hide, and other Kayran bits to round out my loot. I know the Kayren Hide can be crafted into ...
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What triggers suicide in Gods will be Watching, and how can I prevent it?

Gods Will Be Watching is generally good about explaining what you did wrong when you die. (How was I supposed to know I needed fire to stay warm through the night?) But I recently committed suicide ...
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Does eating werefoo corpses give lycantropy?

A wererat just died at my sword, failing to transmit its disease to me. However, it also left a corpse for me to eat. I'm hungry. My pet drags it to me, bad sign, but then again it does so for lichen ...
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Do pets gain experience when being ridden?

If I'm riding my Pony will he gain experience and eventually become a Horse (and then a Warhorse)?
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Why can't I butcher a leopard?

I just bought a giant leopard and a giant tiger from those tree-loving elves. I also bought an elephant, which I promptly slaughtered for a strange mood dwarf. But said dwarf has yet to be placated! I ...
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How do I remember who I've dated?

Well, I went to the doctor and found out... nah... In the Sims 2, one of the aspirations your Sim can have is the Pleasure aspiration, and the lifetime goal for it is to have 50 first dates. Is ...
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