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How can I find the hidden level? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I reach the secret level in Diablo III? I was wondering, if there was a Cow-level-kind in Diablo3 and I found this "In the Land of Killer Unicorns", but none of the ...
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What are the locations of the traveling merchants for the Market Research achievement?

The "Market Research" achievement requires that you meet the following traveling merchants: Wandering Tinker Rodger the Alchemist Vendel the Armorsmith Adenath the Curio Vendor Kyr the ...
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What is the "Black Mushroom" item used for?

I got it in the Cathedral. Its description: The witch Adria seeks a black mushroom? I know as much about Black mushrooms as I do about red herrings! - Deckard Cain Is there a meaning behind it?
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What does it mean 'there is no cow level'?

In a loading screen it said that there is no cow level. What is this referring to?
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What are the feats of strength in Diablo 3?

Like the title says - what are the known feats of strength in the game?
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How do I get higher difficulty Plan: Staff of Herding?

So I have made Staff of Herding and I wanted to get the plans for the Nightmarish version, but after killing Izual a couple of times on Nightmare and getting Plan: Staff of Herding two times I don't ...
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Can you access the secret level in Diablo 3 more than once per difficulty?

In the secret Cow level of Diablo 2, if you don't kill the Cow King, you can go back as many times as you want by creating the portal in a new game of that difficulty. Can you access/farm the secret ...
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Where do recipes drop in Diablo 3?

Where, or from which monsters, do unique/rare plans for rare/legendary/set items and gem designs drop in Diablo 3?
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What does Wirt's Bell do?

I came across a vendor, Squirt The Peddler, in act II that sells: Wirt's Bell for 100,000 Gold. What does that bell do and is it worth it?
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What does the Staff of Herding do?

I have found the Recipe for something called the Staff of Herding. Upon closer inspection it does a measly 3.5 damage per second, but the ingredients to craft it (which include Wirt's Bell, a 100,000 ...
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What is the optimal way to grind the Black Mushroom?

I am only missing the Black Mushroom to have all the ingredients for the "Staff of herding". So I have to try and get it. The problem is it is unclear where it drops. So sources say you find it in ...
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Will a higher level Staff of Herding open the lower difficulty Whimsyshire?

So I know that there are multiple levels of the Staff of Herding, and they get significantly more expensive as you go up in difficulties. I play with a lot of people who have varying amounts of time ...
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How can I skip the "Leaving game..." timer?

Sometimes when I'm in a game and I choose to leave, I'm given a 10 second wait, with a button to cancel. Other times, however, I don't get any wait at all - the timer shows up and immediately reads 0,...
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How do I get to the "Fowl Lair"

In a separate forum I was reading, a poster described an easter egg area called "The Fowl Lair". I could imagine that this is the replacement for the Cow Level from Diablo II, but I hope that is not ...
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Which area in Act 1 can I gain Nephalem Valor the fastest?

This question is now obselete due to patch 2.0.1 as NV has been removed from the game. I am trying to quickly build up 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor before tackling the Ponies. Which area in act 1 ...
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