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Where is the Sacellum of Virtue? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Where are all the random dungeons? I've never seen this and I've been through Act IV many times.
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How can I find the House of Curios?

... and what other secrets and achievement goodies are located in the zone? The House of Curios is one of the dungeons for the No Stone Unturned achievement, and also (according to DiabloWiki) the ...
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How can I find the ancient device with less searching?

I have found the ancient device maybe 7 times and seen 5 of the outcomes. To see all 10 for the Wheel of Misfortune achievement and to find all the locations for the Nooks and Crannies achievement, ...
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Where is Development Hell and the unburied Jay Wilson?

I saw YouTube videos of this Easter Egg dungeon and its Feat of Strength (FoS) "Smash! Jay, Smash!" placard, but its generation conditions are unclear. Do I need to beat the Skeleton King first and ...
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Can I access the locked house that can appear in the Southern Highlands?

Today I've encountered a building in the Southern Highlands that looks like it should be accessible, but I did not find any way to do that. It has two doors, both can't be interacted with or destroyed....
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What is the timed treasure cave in desert - Act 2?

Near the beginning of Act 2 while I was spelunking in the desert, I came across a cave that someone was standing outside of. He spoke of there being a treasure buried inside, but when I entered the ...
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Where is The Lyceum?

The Lyceum is listed as one of the objectives for the No Stone Unturned achievement, yet nobody seems to know where it is. Where is it?
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How do I defeat Fuad the Cannibal?

While exploring the Howling Plateau I encountered Fuad the Cannibal in his very small cellar. I can get the fight going well but when he hits me he gets a massive healing bonus. Is the strategy ...
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Are there any tricks to completing the Crumbling Vault?

Last night I came across the Crumbling Vault event while playing my level 19 Witch Doctor solo, (well, the Templar was with me, but yeah...) and I failed it, hard. For the first 30 seconds or so, I ...
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How is the Quality Well in Old Tristram Unlocked?

As the title states, what are the conditions that need to be met for the Quality Well in Old Tristram (Act 1) to become available? For those who do not know what I'm referring to, there is a well that ...
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How do I get to the "Fowl Lair"

In a separate forum I was reading, a poster described an easter egg area called "The Fowl Lair". I could imagine that this is the replacement for the Cow Level from Diablo II, but I hope that is not ...
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How to use the 'Ancient Device' in the Desolate Sands?

I have found the 'Ancient Device' spawn in the Desolate Sands area, and talked to the guy who was afraid to use it. He ran off, and I searched his brother's body and bag and found some gold and a ...
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Where is Cryder's Outpost

So some of the posts here show Cryder's Outpost being in Act III in the Battlefield. I have run this like 40 times and it is the only dungeon I am missing from Act III. Can anyone verify this? Is ...
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Where are the Act 2 events?

There are nine events in Act II: Restless Sands, Crumbling Vault, Prisoners of Kamyr, Shrine of Rakanishu, Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab, A Miner's Gold, Lair of the Lacuni, Rygnar Idol, and Guardian ...
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Is it possible to get all the slabs (tiles) in the Holy Sanctum, and does it give any bonus or achievement?

I always end up with one or two missing slabs (or tiles or platforms, if you prefer) in the Holy Sanctum in the 4th act. Is it possible to get all the slabs, and is there any reason to do so? Bonus ...
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