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In some games (Tekken 3 on emulator for example) I need to press multiple keys at the same time. But other that ctrl, alt and shift no other keys seem to work together. For example Down arrow + num ...
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W, A, S, D, keys and shift aren't working together [duplicate]

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Wasd + spacebar + r doesn't work [duplicate]

For example: Space (jump) + WASD (move) and R (Sprint). In this case I can sprint, but I can't jump at the same time. But if I try Space + WASD + another key like F it does work. I have a Sharkoon ...
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One particular button on the keyboard does not work if two other keys are being pressed [duplicate]

I have just bought a new keyboard, so I try to test it I played a game of Devil May Cry. My key bindings are I for attack, space for lock-on, J for gun, L for grab, K for jump and w,a,s and d are ...
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pressing shift + v + space + w at the same time won't work [duplicate]

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Keyboard stopped detecting multiple keypresses [duplicate]

I have been playing CSGO on my Lenovo Ideapad 300-15isk for more than two years. Few days back when I was playing CSGO multiple keypresses stopped working. It still detects two keys pressed at once. ...
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What to do when you can't press 3 keys at the same time with a laptop? [duplicate]

I bought this new laptop and when I played some of my favorite games, it didn't let me use 3 keys at the same time. What do I do? Buying a new laptop isn't a solution for me.
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Pressing specific 3 buttons at a time not working but other 3 combinations are working [duplicate]

I'm playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 with Logitech K200 (with default keyboard settings) on Windows 8.1 Pro, and to sprint in north-west direction I'm pressing left_arrow + top_arrow + E and it is ...
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Can I select items from inventory while moving?

Is it intended that while moving with the keyboard (WASD) that I can't select or interact with my inventory? I can do it with the mouse when I click on a location, but can't seem to do it while moving ...
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How does using PS/2 with a keyboard influence gaming? [closed]

I have a keyboard that has N-key-rollover. I can connect it to my computer using USB, but in the package there also was an USB to PS/2 connector I can use to plug in the keyboard via PS/2. Of course ...
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