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What is the most efficient way to mine Diamonds in Minecraft? [duplicate]

I need to mine a lot, and I mean A LOT of diamonds. What is the most efficient way to do so?
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What is the most efficient way to strip mine in Minecraft Java? [duplicate]

I have a world on Minecraft Java, and I feel like the only thing I'm ever doing is mining for diamonds....I feel like there must be some strategy out there I'm missing or something, because i just Can'...
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Where is the best place to find diamond or gold in survival mode? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What's the most efficient Minecraft mining strategy? What is the best layer to mine for gold in Minecraft? I can never find gold or diamond and me and my friends are ...
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What’s the quickest way to get diamonds? [duplicate]

I wanted to know, what’s the quickest way to get diamonds? I want to start a survival world, but I want to be able to get diamonds quickly. Please share the quickest ways you found!
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What is the best strategy to mine diamonds in Minecraft? [duplicate]

Diamonds are the best material in the Minecraft. There are many ways to mine diamonds, but which one is the best and most efficient one? If someone can tell me the time it takes, the tools used, the ...
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Fast way to find diamonds [duplicate]

Can someone tell me a very easy way to find diamonds because it takes me 10 min to just find like 10 diamonds mining on y11. I have also tried y6 and I didn’t find diamonds. I only found diamonds ...
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How can I safely explore far away from my spawn point?

I originally built a nice fortification just up the hill from my spawn point for convenience (yes, I do die every once in a while), but now that I've used efficient mining to clear out a good chunk of ...
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Are Diamond Pickaxes sustainable for diamond mining in Minecraft?

Assuming use of the optimal mining pattern from this question at levels 11-15; will a diamond pickaxe on average find enough diamonds to make another before it runs out? Or, put another way, is ...
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How can I easily get a lot of Iron?

While iron isn't very rare, it is needed for a lot, especially if you want to build a structure out of it, build long railways or something like that. What should you do to find/get a lot of iron ...
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How do I find diamonds?

The durability of iron tools is really starting to annoy me, but in all my hours of playing I've only stumbled across one deposit of diamond ore that provided around 7 Diamonds. What's the best way to ...
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Do positive coordinate locations give more ore in Minecraft?

I've heard that due to a bug in the terrain generation locations in the positive direction (i.e. (3,5),(100,200)) give more materials such as iron. I can't find any proof this claim, however. Is this ...
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How do you create a waterfall elevator?

In Minecraft Alpha Single Player Survival, what are the specifications to create a waterfall elevator to go from the bottom of a long mine shaft to the surface?
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What is the quickest excavation method without TNT?

I have a tendency to take on huge digging projects. Not mining projects; digging projects. For surface digs, these are usually there to add flair to the map; such as a 20m x 20m sinkhole completely ...
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Mining for a beginner

I've recently started playing Minecraft. Aside from all the building I've been doing, I think I've spent more time mining than necessary for rarer items. I realize I won't find diamonds on the surface,...
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Do explosions destroy stuff?

break: To turn the block into the little floating thing that you can pick up. destroy: To completely obliterate a block, not even leaving a little floating thing. Given those definitions, the ...
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