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Questions tagged [a-game-of-dwarves]

a 2012 real time dungeon management game by Zeal Game Studio. Players look after their settlement and strengthen their dwarven clan to defend them from the terrible beasts that lie in the depths of the dungeon.

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How do you upgrade your Spawning Pool?

I'm stuck in the second tutorial mission of A Game of Dwarves. I need to upgrade my spawning pool in order to recruit more dwarves, but I have no idea where to click in order to accomplish that.
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What is the max level a dwarf can be?

Is there a max level that a dwarf can get to? Was playing a level (cant remember its name, was the one with the green mage) and saw the mage was like 86 (or there about), which got me wondering, can ...
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How do I force the game to use DirectX 9?

My computer has "issues" running games with DirectX 10 (It can run then, however when I try to run a game with Directx 10 or 11, strange laggy "tearing" occurs for some strange reason). Is there any ...
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Do workers reach diagonally?

In general, or specifically for plants/food squares, do I need to make everything reachable in a '+' shape or can a worker harvest a plant in a corner? Related question, can they walk over other ...
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How is happiness calculated?

I understand that the more items with a happiness modifier I build, the more happiness is generated, e.g. the Tree of Ale, Beds and Statues etc. Can I build improvements wherever I want or is it ...
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