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Abandonware is a term used to refer games which are ignored by their owners and manufacturers, and for which no product support is available.

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Are the Strategic Simulation Inc. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons games now in the public domain?

Does anyone know for certain whether or not the AD&D games produced by SSI in the '80s have been released to the public domain? I have seen them offered for download at several abandonware sites, ...
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27 votes
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How do you know whether a game is in the Public Domain?

There's a lot of games out there whose original creators have long gone out of business. How (if at all) do these enter the Public Domain, and how can you tell? Are there other kinds of abandon ware?
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17 votes
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I have this really old game from the DOS era, anyone know how to run it in my modern machine?

I have a copy of Test Drive III: The Passion, but whenever I run it in my Windows XP machine it runs too fast. Is there any way to run this game in a modern computer?
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