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Questions tagged [ai-war-fleet-command]

AI War: Fleet Command is a RTS created by indie developer Arcen Games.

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Does building turrets on a planet put adjacent planets on alert?

Say I go to an AI planet and attack the ships there, but leave the command station and warp gate alone. Now I take a mobile builder there, and build turrets (it's adjacent to one of my planets, so it ...
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1 answer

How to survive a design hack

I wanted to do a design hack in a beginner's game of AI War. I've done some hacking before to lower the AI threat, but the "expected AI response to hacking" was "Low". So I produced the maximum of ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Playing Co-Op in Ai war fleet command with different expansions/patches

I recently purchased AI War:Fleet Command with the intent of playing Co-Op with a certain friend. He bought the game about a years ago and have two expansions installed (Zenith Remant and Children of ...
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What does increased AI-Progress actually do in Ai-wars Fleet Command

I've started playing AI-Wars Fleet Command and I understand that the game gets harder as AI-Progress increases. But in what way does it manifest itself. Does it just get more aggressive and send more ...
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9 votes
2 answers

What's the fastest way to lose 30,000 ships for "In The Midst Of A Cold, Dark Winter?"

I own AI War: Fleet Command, but I think I've only played through the tutorial twice. (It's a victim of my penchant for purchasing games that look interesting and are super cheap, but then end up on ...
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How to play single player in AI War: Fleet Command?

Yesterday I bought AI War: Fleet Command and all its DLC. But when I start game I don't find the way to play in single player. The only button I could see is the host a multiplayer, and then ...
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