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a 1995 sci-fi fantasy RPG game made by Blue Byte

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Can the southeast areas in the Equipment Makers' Cellar be reached?

In the 1995 game Albion, once you reach Umajo and head down to the Equipment Makers' cellar, there is a room to the southeast of the second floor that has windows revealing a storm demon. I can't seem ...
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Toilets in Albion [closed]

Per a discussion of the earliest toilets in video games, it was claimed that the 1995 game Albion had two types in it: Human ones and giant ones for the cat-people. However, the website doesn't have ...
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4 votes
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Is it possible to find the Toronto in the desert?

As a child, I loved the game Albion. One mystery I could never solve was that if it was possible to reach the Toronto from the desert. Back then, I had the following map (I guess it was in color ...
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Where do I find the Toronto?

Actually I am playing an old PC game called Albion which is a really great game. I already got the SEED, a thing needed to transform the space ship Toronto, but the problem is - I can't find that ship....
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