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Figurines for use with the New Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and Nintendo Switch.

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Rosie #386 vs Rosie fishing Amiibo Cards

What is the difference between these two Rosie Animal Crossing Amiibo cards (English versions)? This one is #386. The code in the bottom right reads 386-QK-AOE: This one has her fishing and has the ...
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How To Tell If amiibo Is First-Run Or Reprint

How does one tell the difference between figures made during the first-run of a specific amiibo figure and a reprint of it? Are the tells character-specific or consistent across all figures? Also, I'm ...
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Which amiibo figures can I use to get Wolf Link in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

I wanted to know which specific amiibo figures are used to get Wolf Link in ACNL. I read that you can use a Link, Wolf link, or Zelda amiibo figure. I see that there's different Link amiibo figures (...
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