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Amnesia is an exploration-based adventure game played from a first-person perspective.

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Stuck in the Chancel

I've got the orb pieces, put them in the pedestal (with the tar), but I don't know what to do with the bone, the jar with the string attached to it, or how to create "Weyer's Tonic".
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How to use "ChangeMap"

How can you use this command in your script? ChangeMap(string& asMapName, string& asStartPos, string& asStartSound, string& asEndSound); I have read this, but cannot get it to work.
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Amnesia strange screen shaking [closed]

I'm making a custom story (sorry if this should be on the GameDev), but when I enter the map and it fades in, the screen shakes (rolls) (counter)clockwise. Here's a video: ...
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Is it possible to get permanently locked in a room?

I ran into a room to escape a monster. The room has no other exits and the monster is pounding on the only door and doesn't seem to be able to get in but isn't giving up. I even lost patience and ...
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How do I get past the "hemispherical depression?

I'm in the Chancel, having just met Agrippa in the area before. There's a Hemispherical Deression and an Orb the game keeps ranting about, but nothing I can seem to do about it. There's an altar I can'...
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Do the monster who killed you disappear when you restart?

I happened a couple of time that when I got killed by a monster in a certain area, when the game restarted, that monster wasn't there no more and the area seems to be cleared now. Could it be because ...
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Problem spawning grunt off an item pick up in amnesia [closed]

I am relatively new to scripting for amnesia, I've watched a few videos as well as looked it up on but I have yet to find an answer. I have script set up to spawn an enemy ...
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What techniques should I be using to preserve light sources?

So I am playing Amnesia: The Dark Decent and figured out pretty quickly that light is an important commodity, as you can use it to recover your sanity, amongst other things. So I've been wondering, ...
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How do the regular monsters "see" in Amnesia?

In Amnesia, you obviously want to avoid all monsters. Most commonly, you encounter zombie-like creatures that you really don't want to mess with. I'm talking about these enemies (image is a little ...
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How do you decide where to go in Amnesia: Dark Descent?

Do we need to refer to any kind of guide for this game? I think I'm still at the first level and I have somehow reached the wine cellar. I've been wondering around aimlessly but can't figure out where ...
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