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Angry Birds: Star Wars is a PC, Mac, iOS and Android game. It is the fifth Angry Birds game (or Sixth, if you include Bad Piggies).

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Obi Wan Bird In Angry Birds Star Wars Force Blast

In Angry Birds Star Wars, the Obi Wan Bird does a directional force blast. My question is, does the force blast actually directly damage the stuff it is pointed at, or is its job to fling debris at ...
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What levels are needed to unlock Path of the Jedi in Angry Birds Star Wars?

The extra levels in Angry Birds Star Wars titled Path of the Jedi can be unlocked by either buying a $2 IAP or 3-starring every level. Being a gamer at heart, I feel the latter one is the only way to ...
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Is Darth Vader a pig or a bird?

Now that Angry Birds Star Wars is out in all of its glory, I just have to know: Is the Darth Vader character supposed to be a pig or a bird? He looks like a pig, but I haven't completed the game with ...
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