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Animal Crossing is an open-ended community simulation game for the Nintendo GameCube, in which the player plays as a human living in a village of anthropomorphic animals. It is the worldwide version of the Japanese game Dōbutsu no Mori + (Animal Forest).

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Rosie #386 vs Rosie fishing Amiibo Cards

What is the difference between these two Rosie Animal Crossing Amiibo cards (English versions)? This one is #386. The code in the bottom right reads 386-QK-AOE: This one has her fishing and has the ...
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Why is the Memory Card used an element tracked in Animal Crossing speedruns?

Was browsing some speedruns on and saw something weird. In Animal Crossing speedruns, the Memory Card size is tracked; just like other things like ...
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Does the original N64 Animal Forest game work with N64 Passport?

I am desperate to play the original Japanese N64 Animal Crossing/Animal Forest game. Before I go and spend money on a cartridge and passport, does anyone know the Passport works with the Japanese N64 ...
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Why are animal crossing furniture items displayed as leaves

Why do animal crossing furniture items appear as leaves? Someone told me there is an explanation for it related to japanese culture but couldn't remember exactly why
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How many fossils are going to be sent back from the Faraway Museum?

According to the Animal Crossing wiki, the museum will return only 3 fossils per day, but if you've sent more than 3 in a day the rest will be returned on other days: There is no limit to the ...
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How do I upgrade Tom Nook's store in Animal Crossing for the Gamecube?

I made my house bigger in the Gamecube version of Animal Crossing, but Tom Nook's store is still Nook's Cranny. What should I do?
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Can you change your hair in Animal Crossing Gamecube?

Can you change your hair in Animal Crossing Gamecube? I don't know!
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Can you change your shoes in Animal Crossing GameCube version?

Can you change your shoes in Animal Crossing Game Cube version?
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