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A 2020 community simulator game developed and published by Nintendo. It was released on March 20th, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch.

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How do I make Villagers wear what I gift them

I have been gifting my villagers a few outfits now. But after one or two days they usually revert to their standard outfits. I want them to keep the outfits I gift them, without those clothes only ...
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Rosie #386 vs Rosie fishing Amiibo Cards

What is the difference between these two Rosie Animal Crossing Amiibo cards (English versions)? This one is #386. The code in the bottom right reads 386-QK-AOE: This one has her fishing and has the ...
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Determining Cartridge version based on Case Clues

I've mostly migrated over to a digital game library but still enjoy having a small collection of physical games, such as first-party Nintendo. But these days even having a physical edition feels ...
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Can you copy the same Animal Crossing island to two different Switches?

I have one Switch (Switch-a) that I borrowed and was being used by two kids. I bought two more Switches (Switch-b, Switch-c). Can you copy the same island to two different switches without limitations,...
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Can the second player's "mom" mail a foreign fruit?

I would like to know if it is possible for the second character's mom to send a foreign fruit just like the primary character's mom did.
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How did my friend get a flimsy shovel without a recipe?

I was helping my friend collect some bells to pay off their house loan (not tent) in Animal Crossing New Horizons. We were making good use of the flimsy shovel until it finally broke. The weird thing, ...
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When will invited persons show up?

In Animal Crossing: New Horizon, me and my two daughters live on an island. I invited one person to move to the island and my daughter invited two, but nothing has happened. Did I mess it up by asking ...
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How to trigger the nature day event?

My island is a Northern Hemisphere island. Nature day is a event beginning on 23rd Apr, and ending on 4th May. My game version is currently 1.10.0 I've set my system date to 22nd April, saved the game,...
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If I asked a villager to move in before I built Nook’s Cranny, will they still come?

I invited Zucker to move in before I built Nook’s Cranny and when I placed the home plots, they didn’t say sold so will he still come? I invited Skye too.
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