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Anno 1404 is a city-building game, also known as Dawn of Discovery, developed by Related Design and Bluebyte.

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Is there a trick for Anno 1404 to automate transportation with min/max?

Anno 1404 has two modes of trading / transportation: Trade routes. This is both for trading with NPCs, and for transportation between one's own settlements. Passive trade settings for NPCs that visit ...
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Is there any way to increase the UI size in Anno 1404?

Trying to play on a 1440p 27 inch screen and the UI doesn’t scale by default to high res so it’s incredibly small and unplayable. Please note I don’t consider decreasing resolution to be an answer, ...
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How does the campaign award difficulty medals in Anno 1404?

I'm not sure how exactly the campaign counts difficulty completion. Rather than choosing the difficulty for the entire campaign, you choose the difficulty for individual missions, as seen below. In ...
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