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Is there a way to see sidequests before deploying?

When selecting a mission on the world map, the only sidequest indicator I've seen is the little crown that appears when you've completed all sidequests for that mission. One of the loading screen ...
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How to shoot big weapons without crouching

How do i shoot big weapons that need crouching (like sniper cannon) without actually crouching? I know this is possible because i saw someone else doing it during pvp (he was shooting me with sniper ...
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Does Armored Core: Verdict Day have active players?

I was surprised by how no one was online on Armored Core V when i got my hands on it. Is Armored Core: Verdict Day the same way for xbox 360 version? Does it have any players that play online or would ...
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How effective is the Optical Chaff shoulder unit in AC5?

The unit with the highest rating has an optical chaff effect rating of 35. There isn't any description as to what this does specifically besides that it affects lock on capability. How does the other ...
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