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Audiosurf is a 2008 PC music-adapting puzzle racer, designed by Dylan Fitterer, where you use your own music to create your own experience. The shape, the speed, and the mood of each ride is determined by the song you choose.

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What determines track speed?

What determines your speed on the track? I can not find anything about it.
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Audiosurf crashes on start up, error report refers to "languagepack.dll"

I got Audiosurf on Steam about a month ago, which I was able to run perfectly. Then, I had to re-install Windows, and since then I could not start up the game at all. Well, technically, it does start,...
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Is there a way to use .flac files in Audiosurf?

A while ago, I played the game Audiosurf on a friends computer and I remember it to be good fun. The problem is, if I remember correctly, the game only supports the usage of .mp3 files (and maybe ....
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How do I make a Candy Stripe?

In Audiosurf the achievement Candy Stripe has the requirement "Make a candy stripe". What configurations count for this achievement and what mode should I use to get it?
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What causes microfreezes in PC games and how can I minimize them?

If you've played rhythm games such as Audiosurf or Bit.Trip Beat you'll be familiar with this enraging phenomenon - the game just freezes for a few frames to a whole second, the game catches up with ...
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Where Does Audiosurf Put Corkscrews?

Color shifts and track steepness are determined by the intensity of the song. However, I find that corkscrews are placed seemingly randomly. What determines their placement? EDIT: Adding a bounty ...
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