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a free and open-source scripting language for Windows, used for easy keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys, macro-creation and automation. Questions should focus on setting up or troubleshooting functionality of AutoHotkey in regards to particular games and gaming in general.

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Retroarch toggles fullscreen with X+R1

I am using a PS3 controller with retroarch (on Windows), linked with the USB cable. Retroarch recognised the controller automatically, and everything works just fine except one major thing: when I ...
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Tap-tap automation in SNES emulators

At the very beginning of Chrono Trigger at the Millennial Fair there is a (soda pop) drinking game where you need to tap A repeatedly. It is ridiculously hard, so I wrote a script that can tap A much ...
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Autohotkey: How to map a keystroke to a controller button press

I have a dualshock 4, and I know how to remap a controller button to a key, for example 'Joy2::v'. But I can't figure out how to do it the other way around. I would like to have a command like 'v::...
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How do I use AutoHotKey to switch Slomo modes in Ark/Conan Exiles?

Conan Exiles and Ark use the same engine. You press insert, you type "slomo 3", you press enter, and the game runs wayyy faster. I'm trying to get an AHK script working where when I press F1, F2 and ...
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CSGO Auto hotkey

Can someone get VAC banned for using the auto hotkey? ( i.e Bhop script) I've seen a lot of people using it on community servers and I was wondering if it would be possible doing that on a VAC secured ...
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AutoHotkey's hotkeys do not work in Skyrim

Certain inventory operations are ridiculously tedious in Skyrim. I wrote myself a script that would sell my items one by one, because according to internet wisdom, you do not get Speech experience for ...
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Setting the camera in Starcraft 2 to be like Warcraft 3 or Dota 2

In SC2, the WC3/DotA 2 Mouse3 dragging has been removed. Instead, when you hold Mouse3 and move the screen, the mouse reappears where you started dragging from. On WC3 and DotA 2, it started from ...
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Autofire any key with Autohotkey? [closed]

This script "autofires" E while holding it down. $e:: While GetKeyState("e","P") { Random, r, 50, 250 sleep r Send e } return Is there a way to globally use this script for any key? ...
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Remapping Alt Key to Space bar and Using Profiles

So in DOTA 2 I would like to use space bar a key modifier, like ALT does. so I remapped the ALT key to Space Bar and vice versa using AutoHotkey. The problem is, when I am chatting to my team mates, I ...
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How can I bind WASD to the arrow keys in Sleeping Dogs?

I have just downloaded and installed Sleeping Dogs, and the binding editor in-game doesn't accept the arrow keys as valid inputs. I'm left handed, so I can't really use WASD. I prefer not to use the ...
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Disabling original key function for hotkeys

This question is directly related to teamspeak and gaming, but, could be expanded to broader fields, but, I wasn't able to find much regarding hotkeys except for here in the Arqade, hence my asking ...
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How do I remap the arrow keys using AutoHotkey? [closed]

In this question about rebinding the controls for The Binding of Isaac someone suggested using AutoHotkey, and gave an example of moving wsad to edsf. My question is how do I move the arrow keys? ...
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How to autofire F in Psychonauts?

The Dowsing Rod requires you to spam the use (F) key while looking for deep arrowheads. Spamming keys sucks. You wouldn't really need it if sound was enough clue to go on (the PS2 version made your ...
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