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Baldur's Gate 3 is a role-playing video game developed and published by Larian Studios. It is the third main game in the Baldur's Gate series, which is based on the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing system.

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How can I switch maps in Baldur's Gate 3 to know which waypoint to choose?

Baldur's Gate 3 offers a fast-traveling system via waypoints. When you open the map you can either... click on a waypoint on the map, or click on a waypoint in the waypoint list on the right. The ...
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Is there a free or cinematic camera?

Is it possible to get a free(r) camera or cinematic camera somehow? It's obvious that the game contains quite some detailed 3D scenery, but it's hard to find a camera angle to actually get a good look ...
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Is it possible to make a hireling consume tadpoles?

One of my party members is a hireling. Is there a way to make them consume tadpoles, and more importantly, convince them to use
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Are origin characters silent in multiplayer?

One common complaint is that, when playing an origin character as your main character, they are mostly silent, throughout the game, meaning you miss out on a lot of that characters dialog, banter, ...
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How do I copy a character's appearance to a new save?

I decided to restart my play-through of Baldur's Gate 3 and want to copy my old character's appearance over to my new save. Is there a way for me to copy over my old character's appearance or review ...
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In Baldur's Gate 3, how can I remove the "Harrowed" condition?

Somehow Astarion has picked up the Harrowed condition, I'll like to remove it but can find nothing online about it. This is after I've completed a fight and all the enemies that might have cast it on ...
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