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Does Gameranger on Linux work for any multiplayer game?

I tried playing Battle for Middle Earth online with Gameranger through Wine, and when I host or join a game BFME will start up, but when I go to the Network lobby my game just freezes. I'm trying to ...
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How to select a mission in LOTR: Battle for Middle-Earth?

I just beat the good campaign in LOTR: Battle for Middle-Earth (the first one). Is there a way to select a single mission (ex Helm's Deep) instead of going through the entire campaign?
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Are PC games and expansion packs region locked?

Title pretty much says it. If I have the US version of a game (physical disc media, not Games for Windows edition or Steam download) and get a UK edition of an expansion pack, will they work? ...
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How do you deal with the bug where all people die after 5 minutes in Battle for Middle Earth 1?

I'm owning the game Battle for Middle Earth lotr and have completed quite a few missions. Then I installed a few demos such as Trine and a few others. BFME stopped launching now. So I uninstalled the ...
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How to ungroup units in Battle for Middle Earth lotr pc game?

I selected archers and moved them behind peasants. Instead they have joined forces. Now whenever I select archers peasants also get selected. The archers shoot arrows while peasants idly stand and ...
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