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For all questions related to the first person shooter Battlefield V, the most recent release of the Battlefield series. The game is produced by DICE and published by EA.

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Battlefield V icons meaning (up to date source)

It seems that all sources for explaining the orange warning icons for Battlefield V are outdated. Min look different to these E.g. i have sometimes an icon showing a stack of frames without '!' all ...
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What is the most efficient way to take out a tank?

I know armor is weaker at the back and that you can target things like the tracks. But in terms of weapons and gadgets, what is the best way to take out a tank? I have noticed that 2 stick of ...
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Does experience with an locked weapon count when weapon is eventually unlocked?

In Battlefield V, each weapon has its own "level" which counts towards specializations and other advancements that are specific to that gun. If I pick up a weapon from a downed player that I have not ...
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MG 42 Chrome customization special assignment unlock

In Battlefield V, there is a chrome skin for the MG 42 that says it can be unlocked via a special assignment. I found this reddit thread that asks the same question, but an answer was not found. What ...
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