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Questions tagged [bejeweled-blitz]

A Pop Cap single player game for Facebook, iOS and Android based on matching colours to break gems for points

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How do you unlock Daily Spins?

I installed Bejewelled Blitz on Android to try and answer a question about Daily Spins. I've played 6 games of Bejeweled Blitz, but the Daily Spin option is greyed out with the message "Continue ...
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How do I get a multiplier to appear?

The way to get multipliers to appear is something I can't figure out. Do you just have to match a certain number of gems before one drops? Is it to do with the specific gem colours? I simply can't ...
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Fictitious Bejeweled blitz leaderboard characters

If you are not logged into Facebook, you initially have 3 fictitious characters (Zombie, Dr. Mojo, and Bjorn) who have scores for you to beat. If you top them all that week, there is a new character ...
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Is the first daily spin in Bejewelled Blitz rigged?

The first daily spin I had after installing the Android version of Bejewelled Blitz netted the top prize of 100,000 coins. This seemed fairly unlikely, is the first play rigged to give this amount?
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What is the significance of this horned creature that appears sometimes in Bejeweled Blitz?

Sometimes when I'm playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, I notice this deer/elk thing show up on the left side of the screen: It's not there when the game starts (at least I've never noticed it), and ...
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How are rare gems used when I purchase them?

I recently downloaded Bejeweled-Blitz to my iPhone. A recent update has changed the application so that between each game, I am asked if I want to purchase a "Rare Gem". There are 5 different types ...
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What are the names of all rank levels in Bejeweled 3 and Bejeweled Blitz?

There are 131 rank levels in Bejeweled as far as I know. What are the names of them?
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13 votes
6 answers

Can you run out of moves in Bejeweled Blitz?

I've wondered this for a while, but it never came up until just now. If you're playing Bejeweled Blitz, is it possible to run out of moves? I think I just did (hint button didn't reveal anything), but ...
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What causes a brick to blow away perpendiculars?

I've noticed that most of the time, in Bejeweled Blitz, a 4-block match create a bomb which blows up the 8 positions around it. However, occasionally, similar (or perhaps the same?) 4-block matches ...
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Bejeweled Blitz Hypercube Matching

On the Bejewled Blitz gameplay page (somewhere, by PopCap), it says something special happens when you match two HyperCubes. I've had two hypercubes on the screen before (not adjacent), and matching ...
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Bejeweled Blitz "Perfect Game"

I have been playing Bejewled Blitz for quite some time now and I have begun to notice a peculiar pattern: Normally I get a lot of terrible games with low scores simply in the 30,000's. As I keep ...
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Are there any tactics for Bejeweled Blitz?

I average a score of ~60,000 on Bejeweled Blitz for iPhone, yet I see a lot of my friends posting scores of over 250,000. Are there any tactics for achieving such a high score, or is it really just ...
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