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Beyond: Two Souls is an action game developed for the PlayStation 3 by Quantic Dream, later remastered and re-released for PS4. The story revolves around Jodie Holmes who is linked to an invisible entity whom she can use to move things or control or kill people.

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What does Jodie mean with this sentence?

In most endings of "Beyond - Two souls", a dream/vision is seen, showing basically During this scene, she says (translated back into English by me): What does she mean by that? When did this happen? ...
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What is the most efficient way to see every ending?

I reached the conclusion of Beyond: Two Souls and was presented with several choices that clearly influenced the ending I got. I realise I can replay the final chapter and make different choices to ...
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What does Salim say in his answer to Jodie?

I don't think he speaks a fictional language, but I haven't any subtitles for his answers. Do I need to turn subtitles on to see a translation? Or are there any other sources of information?
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Do choices matter in Beyond: Two Souls?

I am trying to determine if the choices you make have bearable effect on the story or if the game follows one narrative in a linear way despite of what the player decides. Do choices only effect the ...
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