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Questions tagged [blizzard]

Use this tag for quesitons about questions that are about Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in general or about more of their games at once, but not for questions involving a single game.

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I need help with my Blizzard Login

So apparently, I don't have a Blizzard login but I play Overwatch. I'm not sure if its because I play on a Playstation because I know you must have to login to play on a PC. How can I get access to ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Linking battle net account to psn

Now, with the Overwatch free weekend I downloaded Overwatch for PS4. In the store it seemed like it's Origin's edition. According to this answer I should get Origins edition cosmetics if I link it. ...
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How to view support tickets without having to login to Blizzard?

How do you get in-touch with Blizzard directly from within Australia? I'm trying to have the authenticator removed from my account. I've submitted a ticket for it with the ID scan they've requested. ...
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How to remove a real-id from a friend in BattleNet?

I accidently added someone as a real id friend in battle net, and they accepted. Now we both want to remove the person from the list, so that the other person shows up with the username instead. How ...
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