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Is there a limit to cloud servers I can own?

On Blockheads, it is possible to create a server that others can join. Is there a limit to the amount of servers I can have?
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Um, but I have a portal?

I have been playing Blockheads for a bit and I want to create a trade portal. Problem is, the requirements are asking me for these objects: The portal I am using IS another portal, a completely ...
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How do I remove glitched areas and blocks?

How can you remove glitched spots or blocks created by hackers removing items that they should not be able to remove? A glitched area is an area that you can no longer place a block or you can't ...
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Fastest way to obtain food?

I've recently been injured in Blockheads and I need to know the easiest way to obtain food so I can heal quickly. If it matters, I was attacked multiple times by a drop bear after cutting down the ...
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