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a 2011 two-dimensional puzzle platformer, developed by Swing Swing Submarine

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What do the question marks represent?

What do these question marks represent? How can I see what they are hiding? Obviously I have solved and unlocked the level, but the question marks still remain and leave me with a few question marks ...
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Is there any point to collecting more blocks than needed for a level?

I've just started playing Blocks That Matter, and I'm wondering if there's any point in attempting to collect more blocks than needed to meet the quota. I kind of feel this compulsive need to collect ...
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How do I beat level 10 ("Climbing") in Blocks That Matter?

Simply put, I'm stuck on this one. I can't figure out how to leap from left to right over that big gap at the bottom of the level. I don't have enough blocks to place any tetrominoes to use as a ...
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Is the 'impossible' room possible?

I'm playing through the Blocks That Matter demo and there's one bonus level called 'Impossible.' I have four blocks of sand I can arrange in a tetris shape and they're affected by gravity. I can jump ...
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