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Can you speedrun Bomberman with an emulator?

I have played Bomberman since I was little but now I would like to upload some speedrun even if my time is not ideal. But I don't have an NES right now. Is it legal to use an emulator? or do I need ...
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1 vote
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How do i throw bombs closer in Bad Bomber Cart in Super Bomberman 4 for SNES?

When in a Bad Bomber Cart, how do I control the distance that i throw the bombs? Sometimes it goes closer, sometimes farthe... Is a default distance and there is some bugs that it just goes closer or ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Why is there a green bomber in Dyna Blaster multiplayer?

In Dyna Blaster, there is a multiplayer mode. Regardless of how many players are playing, the leaderboard on the top of the screen shows scores for 5 players. However, in the match setup screen, you ...
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