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Questions tagged [boot-camp]

A macOS utility that allows an Intel-based Mac to install and boot into Windows.

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Severe Genshin Impact key delay

Is it just me or are there any other people experiencing this bug where there is a severe key delay that occurs several times every minute in Genshin Impact on Mac Bootcamp? Never had this input delay ...
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Far Cry 6: “Unable to start the game” on Windows 10 boot camp

Using Windows 10 bootcamp on a 2016 MacBook Pro, getting this message when trying to start Far Cry 6 on the Epic Games store: Far Cry: New Dawn and Far Cry 5 work fine. How can I find out exactly ...
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Textures Distorted on Destiny 2 with Windows 10 and bootcamp

I am playing Destiny 2 on Windows 10 bootcamped on my Mac. When launching the game, this happened; the textures are all distorted on this screen and throughout the game. This also happens on Steam ...
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Why do I get very low fps even at minimum settings for far cry 4?

Im using MacBook Pro 2012 non retina base model running Windows 10. As per steam the minimum requirements are given as My question is why its not even playable in 800x600(minimum) resolution in ...
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Games on windows 8 in bootcamp lag even on lowest graphics

I've been playing Crysis 2 and Skyrim on my Retina MacBookPro (10,1) for months now. The two games used to run super smoothly even on nearly maxed out settings. This laptop has an Nvidia GeForce GT ...
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Will Diablo 3 run better on my Mac if I play in Windows 7 via Boot Camp?

Diablo III doesn't play very well for me in OS X, even with most graphics quality settings set to low. A support article says that the minimum system requirements in Windows 7 are lower ...
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Is it possible to run Steam games that reside on my Mac OS X partition from my Windows partition?

I'm using Boot Camp to run Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro. I'd like to play Windows only games but my Windows install only has 20GB of space. I installed Steam and my Steam games on my Mac OSX drive ...
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2 answers

Bad Company 2 freezes on Bootcamp

I'm trying to play Bad Company 2 on bootcamp (iMac "late 2009", windows XP single user "student whatever edition"), but the multiplayer apparently always freezes after less than 1 minute of play. I've ...
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Flashing black screen after explosions in Modern Warfare 2 - Graphics card malfunction in Bootcamp

I'm running Modern Warfare 2 on bootcamp, 2gb ram and an nVidia 9400m. Every now and then, an explosion messes up my display and it starts flashing black. and I can see through walls (honest to god, ...
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