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Bravely Default: Where the Fairy Flies is a Nintendo 3DS game by Square Enix and published by Nintendo. It is a job class, turn based, classic Final Fantasy style RPG.

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What is friendship affinity?

The Summoner class has one or two skills about increasing friendship affinity, and I've also seen one or two messages about affinity increases after summoning a Friend. What is are the benefit and ...
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Do side quests reset in New Game+?

I need help regarding Bravely Default [US] new game plus. Did the side quests - including the job-related ones - are reset in NG+? Because I love doing those quests. Should I play a fresh save instead?...
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What skills can only be learned from bosses?

I am wondering what skills a Vampire can only learn from a boss and when is the latest i'll be able to get them before i they become unobtainable unless i use New Game + to start the game again.
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Smiley Badge effect and implications

In Bravely Default, one of the accessories you can buy (unlocked via Norende reconstruction) is the Smiley Badge. The item states that it's effect is: A friendly badge that freezes your aggro ...
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